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Join our Spanish course for beginners! Get ready for your next trip to Latin America, or learn to speak with native Spanish speakers in your own country.

Who are you going to learn with? 

With people at your same level from around the world!

Who is going to teach you? 

Two native speaking teachers who love what they do. 

Where are you going to learn? 

On our online platform! You’ll be able to chat with the teachers and your classmates, write in forums, organize your own calendar, and use other tools!

Also, we will meet live once a week, 2 sessions, every Saturday in online classes for 4 months. Here you’re going to receive contents and studying material, and practice your conversation with a native teacher and other students of your group.

How much will I learn? 

Enough to talk with a native speaker and be fluent, in just 4 months!


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Prices and payment methods? 

Each session costs 15 usd per student.

Each month is 120 usd per student. Fees included 😀
The total course has 32 sessions and we have a discount paying in advance 😉

We use Paypal.


Want to know more about us? 

Visit our page and start practicing your spanish from now with our excercises and podcasts, they are free.


Our students say...

"I love TOWSpanish program! It has something to everyone, regardless of level, motivation or time available to devote to learning Spanish."
Kate Frazer
"TOW is the best way to learn Spanish. I recommend to all people who have always been interested in this beautiful language or for those who are new at this. Teachers are intelligent and smart, so you can learn with controversial but also fun topics, and that, from every part of the world!"
Jeannine Hurschler
"TOW helps me to improve my Spanish and contemplate very important and interesting topics. Through this program I am developing my own style of communicating, that has a lot of importance to me."
Hanna Finke



Bienvenida/o a The Other Way Spanish 🐦

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