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How are our Spanish classes ?

Personalized classes: The classes are individual based on the students level, their priorities and needs, their beliefs and interests, and their learning styles. Besides,  the schedules are adjusted to the students availability and levels can be from A1 – C2

  • Individual class: In this type of class the contents and the objectives are based on the student’s needs and interests. 
  • Group class: In this class there is one teacher and two or more students learning  Spanish together.

How long are they and how much they cost?

  • Individual classes:
    • 1 hour = 30 USD
    • 1 hour and 30 minutes = 40 USD
    • 2 hours = 50 USD
  • Group classes:
    • 1 hour = 20 USD
    • 1 hour and 30 minutes = 25 USD
    • 2 hours = 30 USD

When I can start my Spanish classes ?

We have very good news for you: We are available and ready to teach you! You just need to let us know your schedule and we adapt to you 🙂

For TOW, money cannot limit  your learning. Therefore, If you have concerns about payment, just write to us and we can talk:

Our Methodology

The Other Way Spanish (TOW) is a program that teaches Spanish as a second/foreing language while the students internalize the intercultural competence, that is, it develops the four language abilities (speaking, writing, listening and reading) and integrates the  language culture through various resources and activities in the class. 

The teaching methodology is divided into two main points: linguistic approaches: “Comunicative Language Teaching, CLT” (S. Krashen 1998) and “Content and Language Integrated Learning, CLIL” (D. Marsh 1954) which seek to make the students learn by the context (learning-acquisition) while learning the language through their language abilities. 

The second part of our teaching is “Culture and Didactics” for which we use theories such as: “Non-parametric Didactics (didactica no parametral en español)” and “Communicative Competence” (D. Hymes 1966) in which the learning-teaching process is not only to develop the language competence but also to include and make the students understand the language culture through history, indentity, traditions and customs, and pragmatics (polite/non-polite, idioms, etc) so the students will be able to talk and be part of the society in which they are living. 

Addionally, the content is based on your Spanish level and your needs in case you need to base your study on specific areas/subjects




Bienvenida/o a The Other Way Spanish 🐦

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