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Welcome to our community, where we learn Spanish and know more about Latin America. 

Would you like to learn Spanish with us?

Writing Network: Practice your Spanish writing about interesting topics.

Conversation clubs: Join our conversation club and practice with different students and teachers.

Online classes : Coordinate your daily, weekly or monthly lessons with your teacher. Lessons from basic (A1) to advanced (C2) levels.

Our students say…

Our students say…

Our students say

Podcasts to learn Spanish in Radio-TOW

with comprehension tasks!
What is Radio-TOW?

A podcast platform that promotes our language in a fun, didactic and accesible way.

Why should you listen to Radio-TOW?

– Practice your listening ability
– Complete comprehension activities
– Learn more about our Latin american cultures
– Improve your Spanish listening to the different sections that we have for you!

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