Conversation clubs in Spanish

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What is a tertulia?

Tertulia is a word in Spanish that refers to conversation clubs or social meetings where topics of all kinds are discussed. In other words, our online Tertulias or conversation clubs in Spanish, serve as an opportunity, different from the regular classes, to talk and practice the language in a fun and relaxed way while you learn from different points of view and meet new people.


Wednesday, July 3rd

Session 1:

11:00 Chile time 

16:00  Europe time

11:00 USA time (NYC)

12:00 Brazil time

Thursday, July 4th

Session 3:

13:00 Chile time 

18:00  Europe time

13:00 USA time (NYC)

14:00 Brazil time

Session 4:

19:00 Chile time

19:00 USA time (NYC)

20:00 Brazil time

09:00  Australia time (next day) 

When can I join?

These conversation clubs in Spanish are done the first and third week of each month, and they are repeated on Wednesdays and Thursdays in different hours to suit your timezone.

Who can join and how long is it?

The Tertulia is 90 minutes long and is for all types of level, from lower-medium (A2) to advanced (C1).

How much does it cost?

The value of each Tertulia is $15 USD. However, in TOW Spanish money cannot be a barrier, if you really want to participate with us but can’t pay, write to us anyway on our contact page.

Also, if it’s your first time learning with TOW, the first class is free!




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