RedTOW, a writing network

What is RedTOW?

RedTOW is an asychronous online platform where the students develop mainly their writing, reading and listening skills through a task every week. These homeworks are based on the latinamerican contextual reality and their topics are chosen by the student at the beginning  of the course.

How does it work  exactly?

Each week there will be an assigned homework related to topics which promote respect and knowledge of diversity. This will be given each Tuesday and one will have until that Saturday to turn it in. By the following Tuesday/Wednesday it will be corrected and later that week, uploaded to a shared Google Drive.

How long is it?

At least 3 months, that is to say, 3 modules.

Why should I choose RedTOW?

In  “The Other Way Spanish” we have learned that expressing oneself is not only repetition and logic but rather the choices and speaking styles of people who are full of emotions and beliefs. We think the communicative context needs to be empathetic and conscious. We aim to recognize otherness horizontally through language that promotes freedom, critical consciousness, and counter information. 

Therefore, This online writing network called RedTOW is based on a methodology that promotes the free speech of your voice through arguments and reflections while you practice Spanish with us and other students from all over the world.

We, your teachers, are always willing to receive your comments, questions and feedback to make The Other Way Spanish and its methodology better.




Bienvenida/o a The Other Way Spanish 🐦

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